What to Expect - Hydrators


All O Cosmedics Treatment Hydrators; Immortal Cream, Recovery Cream, Rebalancing Cream, Comfort Cream and Youth Activating Oil-Balm are manufactured with a special design airless pump mechanism that dispenses the exact amount of product required per application in each pump. Each time you push down on your Hydrator the pump lifts the base of the inner case so no product is wasted as 0.4g of product is dispensed.

Roughly, using one pump a day will see all O Hydrator Creams last around 125 days while two pumps a day should see you through 62 days.
Youth Activating Oil-Balm lasts approximately over 40 applications, provided you are using a full pump every time. You can expect your Youth Activating Oil-Balm to last roughly between 4-6 weeks. When your Hydrator is empty the base of the jar reaches the very top of the inner case having dispensed almost all available product.

By The O Team, Jun 05 2019