What to Expect
When You Start using O Cosmedics

Rather than claim the Holy Grail on barely-there volumes, O Cosmedics is formulated with potent, concentrated active ingredients. Each formulation is based on ‘functional actives’, where we use the active ingredient to the dose or percentage that the scientist recommends will actually make a difference to the skin.

If you’re just starting your O Cosmedics skin health journey, here’s three things that may happen:

1. Your skin immediately loves it: and you become an instant O lover! Perfect outcome.

2. Your skin may purge: You may experience one of the following: warmth as the actives enter your skin, your skin may flush, tingle, breakout, feel dry or flaky. Don’t panic. Simply stop using everything and allow your skin to return to normal. Reintroduce the products one at a time giving your skin time to adapt to a new level of skin care. Purging means your cells are annoyed with you for making them “get back to work” and are resisting acclimatising. Be patient and they will soon understand who’s boss!

3. Your skin may look older: Ok, fair to say not the look we were going for yet a good sign just the same. This can happen if you are not used to using an active skin care, so when you do it pushes the underlying redundant cells to the skin’s surface and your skin can look dull, devitalised and yes, older. The good news is this is a sign your products are working, and the redundant cells are turning over! The best option is to visit an approved O Cosmedics professional clinic who will perform an enzyme peel to reveal fresh, radiant, youthful skin.

No matter what happens, remember that even options 2 and 3 will bring you back to 1, making you too a life-long member of the O Cosmedics family!

O Cosmedics Skin Results