Skin Shammy

PVA Water-Soluble Synthetic Polymer
30 x 30cm

The Skin Shammy is the perfect way to cleanse and remove makeup. Washable and reusable, this shammy is an ideal alternative to ineffective cotton wool pads and harsh face washers. Its soft and silky texture allows for gentle makeup removal. 

For all skins.

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How to use

The Skin Shammy can be used in several ways:

  • Apply cleanser to the skin, cleanse thoroughly and remove with the dampened Skin Shammy. Rinse well.
  • Apply cleanser to the dampened Skin Shammy, glide over the skin to remove dirt, pollution, cleanser, face masks and makeup. Rinse well.

Wash the Skin Shammy in soap and water. Always dry in the open air. The Skin Shammy will harden when dry and recovers its soft texture when wet.

Best for

For all skins.


PVA Water-Soluble Synthetic Polymer

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